howto set folder write permissions on Plesk 9.5.2

This small howto explains how to enable write permissions on a particular folder via the Plesk control panel which installed on a Windows machine.

First please login to your plesk panel using admin user (if you’re logging with account user please make sure that admin enable for you “Additional write/modify permissions management”).

After you loggen in, goto “Domains” (left menu), then click your domain (where your folder is located).
Later click “Files”  as shown on the screenshot:
plesk_write permissions step #1

You will be redirected to your web directories list.

Click on the folder name on which you want to edit permissions, as shown below:
plesk write permissions step #2

Next after the new page loads, click the “Directory Access Permissions”:

Now go to “Advanced” (bottom right side):

In this window you need to enable write permissions for those users:
“Plesk IIS User (IUSR_*****)”,  “Plesk IIS WP User”, “Plesk Domain User”
(Please do it on all occurrences of the users).
Click on the user, scroll down and check “Write Control” under “Allow” column:

In case you want the write permissions to be auto set to child folders under this folder please check:

After you done, click “Ok”.

You should see a confirmation green message:
 ”Information: Directory access permissions were updated.”

Now you’ve done.